.5 ppr flex dalvin cook keenan allen tj yeldon

who you got? i know cook and allen have struggled so i’m leaning yeldon but i don’t quite trust him. who do you prefer and why?

I’d go Yeldon. It’s between Yeldon and Allen and I prefer Yeldon slightly.

His workload is a safer bet than that of Allen. Esp against KC where opposing RB’s have scored a ton of points. Also Jax will want to run it and keep the clock moving so Mahomes can’t touch the ball should they get a lead, and Yeldon really the only viable option at RB period, as Corey Grant disappointed greatly when he had a shot 2 weeks ago to make a statement. I think Yeldon gives you some achievable major upside.

Oak defense sucks and WR’s have done well across the board, but that is the problem as I see it. I don’t know that Allen will get enough work, he might still be hurt and playing through that, Rivers will be spreading the ball out as usual which has been the case for all of Oakland’s opponents so far. So Allen may have a strong game, but Yeldon’s upside outweighs that imo since Yeldon’s touches are more guaranteed in addition to that upside.

Idk the rest of your lineup, but these are both great plays - does it make sense to make Yeldon an RB play?

my rbs are connor and zeke wrs diggs and d adams reed at tight end matt ryan at qb panthers d so looking for high upside but also be safe since connor has been inconsistent

You’re in store for a big week dude. Since that is the case, I’d def go Yeldon over Allen.