.5 PPR - Give up Juju & Mattison for Singletary & Diggs

My team is 1-4, got strong WRs (Hopkins & Chark) but only Mack as a solid RB (drafted Kenyan Drake & Duke Johnson… haven’t panned out).

Do I get rid of Juju + Mattison for Diggs + Singletary?

Thanks all

problem is you aren’t gonna get anything out of singletary for 2 more weeks

This week is already a punt because of Mack’s bye, which is the same as Singletary. The hope is that I can use them for Singletary’s soft schedule weeks 7-11.

WRs: Hopkins, Chark, A. Tate
RBs: Mack, Singletary, C. Thompson, K. Drake (using the latter two this week in fantasy)

is there any chance you can upgrade diggs to someone better? i’d feel much better about this that way