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.5 PPR Mock Draft RB Heavy


Mock Draft - 2nd Position - .5 PPR - 12 Team

Wondering what the #footclan thinks bout a recent mock draft I completed. I am drafting second, picked up Bell but by the time the clock was on me at pick 23, 13 receivers had gone off the board along with Gronk! Using the UDK there were a ton of Tier 4 ERs left so thinking that the draft would flip and everyone was going to RBs in rounds 3-4 I decided to stack up on top tier RBs then go WR heavy the rest of the way.

Below is what I ended up with drafting RB-RB-RB in the first three rounds. If this scenario comes up in the draft, how would like this team?

RB - Bell, Gurley, Fournette, Kamara, Hill
WR - Crabtree, Edelman, M. Bryant, Moncrief, Garcon, Davante Parker, Ginn
TE - Ertz
QB - Prescott


You gotta take what the draft gives you, which is a good RB corps. I really like the way you hammered the WR position in order to give yourself a lot of options.

I have been in the opposite position in a few mocks. I get 3 great WRs then start grabbing RBs. I usually like the results.


Yeah after picking up those three running backs I drafted 5 straight receivers with the hopes that one hits. Usually in these mocks I have gone Bell then either 2 WRs or Gronk but I think this wouldn’t be bad either.

Just as a side note, when I drafted Gurley and Fournette the top WRs on the board were Alshon, Pryor, Cooks, Robinson, Hopkins so the alternative would be pick up one of those (same tier as Crabtree) and only 1 RB.