.5 ppr WDIS over Kenny G

Now that kenny g has to deal with his 3rd string qb I think I may need to bench him…

Should I play any of these over him??
AJ brown
Anthony miller
Chris Conley
Robby anderson

Bump, need a win to advance to the playoffs

Robby for sure against the CIN D

Robbie or Conley. Both have good matchups, Both pose the deep pass threat.

A lot of Robby Anderson love around the FF community… hes so boom/bust it scares me, but so are the rest of these guys I guess… Stafford injury might crush my season

im right there with ya on the Stafford injury; I traded for Golladay and got two big games out of him before Stafford went out. and before that my drafted QB was brees lol, couldn’t hold onto him and someone else in my league snagged him before I could. been streaming qbs since week 2 :frowning: