5 spots left. Dynasty startup 50$

Hi all, Scotty here. I am the commish of a new dynasty league and we are looking for a few more active mngrs. Do u love fantasy football and enjoy some smack talk during the season? Bring it rookie. Some specs: 50$ (Leaguesafe) fast draft 1/2 ppr. 5 spots open

I am interested

Definitely interested! Stetsen95@gmail.com

would love to join! Chrsrck14@aol.com

Interested if spots are still available. Curious on roster size?

Heyya. Can you tell me about yourself and your history in fantasy football. Can i count on you to not bail on your team? It is very important that all our mngrs are in it for the long haul. Our roster are have deep bench (12) no def or kicker

https://sleeper.app/i/Q5qxdlOD72OJ 12 man bench plus taxi