5 Weeks in, Need team advice

14 team, full PPR. Start 1 QB, TE & RB/WR Flex and 2 RBs and WRs.

My team is below, through trades I know I’m loaded at WR, have a top 5 (maybe 3) QB and a non-trash TE. Running back though, after the Bell news isn’t great.

Do I just roll with what I have and cycle RB2s on matchups each week, or try and get anything for CEH and be rid of the risk? Honestly Hunt would be an achievement, my league essentially thinks CEH will ride the bench from next week, I think he’ll be an RB2.

QB - Kyler, Stafford
RBs - CEH, Chubb (IR), Robinson, JDM, Pollard, D’Ernest, Josh Kelly
WRs - Adams, MT, Golladay, Mike Williams
TE - Hockenson

@octoberland @Marencophoto you guys are good for a take usually, any thoughts?

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What’s up James!
I’m playing in my first 14 person league this year and now I truly understand a depleted waiver wire. If you’re at Full PPR, and those WRs, you should be more than ok.
You can try flipping one of your main guys: Adams, MT or Golladay. Maybe trading Golladay for a low end RB1. Maybe Hunt and a smaller piece.
As for CEH- I think we’ve discussed it already, but I would just hold. At least til this weekend. Anyone who’d be buying CEH right now is gonna practically try to get him on the super low. I’m thinking that he performs as a RB2 for ROS. You really don’t know- maybe Bell gets injured from not being in competitive games and CEH goes back to full value. Or what if CEH gets a screen pass and runs in a TD from 25 out?(That’s his only TD of the season isn’t it? Certainly he’s out of goal line work). I would hold. Especially through this weekend- hopefully he reminds everyone why he’s so valuable. One of the weapons that I have thought about trading CEH for is maybe Aaron Jones…but you’ll have better chances of landing someone like that after one more good performance. Maybe CEH gets 2 TDs this weekend and Jones doesn’t do much against TB.

Good luck friend!

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The only downside is the RB landscape isn’t great anyway as we all know and just the way the good remaining RBs are situated with different managers I’ll struggle to get one.

Jones is with a die hard Packers fan and he’s seen the massive ceiling now so he won’t be available.

All the rest ranked in the top 15 which is where I see CEH as 15th (high) - 20th(low) the managers will need to have a injury issue this week to be susceptible to a deal.

I think I’ll have to hold until an opportunity opens up I think. If MT, Adams, Kenny G, Kyler and Robinson perform as they should and have been I may not need to move him :blush:

I think that’s your best bet. You have the ability to start all 3 stud WRs. So yeah just hold. I really doubt any other team has WR depth like you do.

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Howdy! Sorry for the delay, I was away from my machine this weekend.

I’m right there with you on CEH. I have him in 2 spots and this news wrecked things for me. That said, he has also not blown up so added to the waters it’s not looking good for CEH PR team. However, I’m a strong hold on him. I told my leaguemates that this news does not make me want to sell CEH on the cheap so do not bother.

That said, I would move him for a good offer but I’m not sure what that would really be.

I look at it as he is still a rookie and the team has no need to force him the ball. Right now, they are using him well, but he RB spot is not their focus. I thought he would be a high end RB2 / low end RB1 when I drafted him. Many other folks then catapulted him to dyno RB4/5 during the offseason. I thought that was bananas, but it only helped his potential and did not create his potential. Thus far he’s looked like what I was hoping he’d be so I am not worried. Though in hindsight I should have moved him for value but my teams are withering at RB.

I think ATM you are only getting lowball offers. Certainly far off of his actual value so I would hold him. I am not overly concerned about Bell. I was at first, but I’m not sure he has the same mustard on his game. I think he will help, and it will hurt in some ways, but IMHO it’s still CEH backfield. He has been inefficient in the Red Zone but that is not uncommon for backs, and particularly ones that are elusive over power. The overall usage for CEH to this point in his rookie season is extremely positive IMHO.

Besides, I do not think he’s built to take a Henry / Elliot workload so Bell coming in might actually be a bit of a positive. KC RB supporting cast has not stepped up (looking at you Darwin) so this is a strong NFL move for a contending team. That’s my view as opposed to an indictment of CEH and how the team values him.

Moving forward I expect them to figure out better ways to leverage CEH skill set and the roads will not be so grim. I like the A Jones shout out (I was admittedly late on him) and this week was not so good a showing. If CEH puts up I could see that move if you wanted, but I’d still hold CEH personally. Especially as your RB core is fine, just dinged with Chubb also out (interestingly I have Chubb / CEH / Kelley) and I’m feeling it setting line ups. But Chubb will be back and things will get better.

I’d be holding and only moving if you get an offer that really speaks to you. For now, it is a bad time to panic sell. In a 14 teamer you are looking pretty dang good, so I’d not rock the boat quite yet. Sorry for the late reply, but I hope it helps!


Hey! I really enjoyed that take.

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Thank you. Holding definitely looks like a ‘smart’ call after CEH showed out on Monday. Admittedly that was a bit of a surprise, particularly with the weather hinting at a heavy dose of run game was on tap. I thought BUF DST would have been tougher, but it looked like KC just had their way with them. If that TD hadn’t been called back…woo!

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No worries on the reply, I enjoyed watching him put in some work against Buffalo. Feel much more in line with this take after seeing that, I think he will be a high efficiency play and still has decent upside playing for KC.

Second straight week he’s had a TD called back on a holding penalty as well so the red one and scoring issues aren’t all his to bare.

Appreciate the feedback guys!


He has been rather unlucky with TD being called back. It’s not that he’s avoiding the end zone which is key. I think if those two, and there might have been a third, counted we’d not be in any discussions. I think long term he locks in back half of the RB1 group, but KC is not built to live/die by the RB. That is what will cap him more than Bell ever could.

Good luck this week!

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I’m thinking just hold CEH after the way he played against Buffalo. I have him and I’m not trading. Here are some things I’ve noticed:

All the media and analysts are saying that Bell will take 3rd down passing situation plays and plays inside the 10 yard line away from CEH, and that is where he hurts CEH. But I have watched EVERY play of every Chiefs game this year and I can tell you…Andy Reid has ALREADY been robbing those touches from CEH since week 2! I saw CEH on the field for one 3rd down the entire game last week. ONE. For the record, he got them the first down on that play. And forget the 10-yard line, CEH is being pulled every time they get inside the 20! Even when HE is the one that got them there.

And even as a 2-down back who doesn’t get red zone snaps, he’s STILL getting it done for fantasy.

So I’m not worried. Bell can’t rob CEH of something he was never getting to begin with. I believe his floor is RB2 and his ceiling is still dependent on breaking a big play for a TD, which is no different than it’s already been. He’s a weekly must-start for me. I’m just adjusting expectations slightly, but I was already getting used to this.

I have Bell too…so he might become a consistent flex play.

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