.5 yahoo..Play cook or j samuels at te?lost ware Gordon and conner....help

My Wrs are Hopkins and cooper…but need help with Rbs and flex.have Jeff wilson,mark ingram,Sony Michel and J samuels.would you play samuels in TE and use the 3 Rbs in the other spots?or play cook?.5 ppr yahoo.

You and me have legit the same scenario.

I have Hopkins / Diggs & Mccaffrey / Cook as my RBs My TE I have Kittle but for my flex im torn between David johnson, Jaylen Samuels, Mark Ingram, or edelman.

As for you If you are reffering to Cook TE from raiders I would play him and go with Sony and Jaylen.

Was thinking cook at TE as well…I like d johnson and Edelman,but prefer Edelman in full ppr,that game might be a shootout

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I would go with Cooks to be honest. I gate the Raiders but hes been the only stud catching anything.

Im thinking about going with DJ…just because he was my 1st round pick and I would hate to bench him… ugh haha