$50 12 Man .5ppr SuperFlex Dynasty Startup (Filled!)

Hey FootClan I’m looking for 7 more people to join my startup Dynasty League on Sleeper. This will be my 2nd Dynasty league as the comish for a FootClan league.
The buy in is $50 on LeagueSafe. 1st place get $450, 2nd gets $100, and 3rd gets $50.
This is a .5 ppr scoring format with 4 points for passing TDs.
The Roster consists of 1QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE, 1FLEX, 1SUPERFLEX, and 20 bench spots. We have 2 IR spots for injuries. Each year the league goes on we will increase the roster size by 1.
We will be using a $100 FAB budget that will reset every season/Offseason.
We will have a slow draft (8 hours per pick) when the league is filled to make sure there are no time conflicts.
The Rookie draft will consist of 3 rounds that will start one week after the NFL draft.
You must pay the next year’s $50 buy in to trade rookie picks.
The bottom 4 teams will compete in the toilet bowl for the 1st rookie pick, to keep it competitive and discourage tanking.
I had a great experience creating the first Dynasty League with FootClan and want to do another one. We are looking for fun easy going FootClan members with any level of experience. Let me know if your interested by leaving your Sleeper username in the comments. Thanks for checking out my post!


7 spots left!

I’m interested if there are still some spots left. My Sleeper username is thereapingmav

I just sent the message

I am interested.

Awesome, what is your sleeper name and I’ll message you!

username: tglass86

Lol I just sent a message

Love to join if any more spots sleeper Id: jamesob51

2 spots left!

Hey I’ll join !!
Daymon45 on sleeper

Just sent you a message

If you got a spot would love to get in or ill go on the wait list I can pay not tho my name on sleeper is moneymikeboss

Just sent a message on sleeper

I am interested if there are still spots available, my sleeper id is: FIRE_THE_CANNONS.

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Just sent the message

I would love to join you guys and I’m ready to go. My Sleeper username is PerfectMix.
Dave Slagle daveslagel2014@gmail.com (828)329-3682


Hi! I was wondering if there was one more spot?! Thanks!

Thank you for the interest but the league is already filled.