$50 - 2 Team Dispersal Sleeper Dynasty Draft - SF, 2TE, PPR, TEP league - Good player pool (Full)

We have two openings in a $50 12-team, SF, 2TE TEP PPR Dynasty league after the two owners had to move on from the league. The league is going into the 3rd year and is a themed league that changes year to year, based on the suggestion of the previous year’s champion. This year is professional wrestlers. To any manager interested in taking place in the 2-team dispersal draft, they will need to pay for both the 2022 and 2023 seasons (total of $100). The league is held on the Sleeper platform and the funds are kept in Leaguesafe to be distributed as below:

Champion - $450 (And will choose the theme for the following year)

2nd Place - $100

Top Scorer during the regular season - $50

Starting rosters: QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, WR, TE, TE, FLEX, FLEX, SF (11 Starters)

All QB TDs are 6 points
TE PPR is 1.5
WR PPR is 1.15
RB PPR is 1

Any manager in the league may trade into the dispersal if they arrange a trade with one of the two managers in the draft. The trade must be announced and then the manager in the dispersal will select whatever player or pick the other manager wants. After the draft is completed (through a mock draft setting in Sleeper), I, the commissioner will manually assign the new teams.

The following is a brief list of best available at each position. A full list of players can be given to anyone interested. Once again, please know that if you are interested in joining, both 2022 and 2023 must be paid, $50 each.

Justin Herbert
Russell Wilson
Aaron Rodgers
Jared Goff
David Mills
Mitchell Trubisky

JK Dobbins
Ezekiel Elliot
David Montgomery
Elijah Mitchell
AJ Dillon

Ceedee Lamb
Mike Evans
Terry McLaurin
Devonta Smith
Brandon Aiyuk
Chris Claypool

Dallas Goedert
Logan Thomas
Irv Smith
Hayden Hurst
Josiah Degura
Chris Herndon


Managers in the draft will be able to select the 2022 picks available by selecting a kicker. The first kicker will receive the 1.03, the second will receive the 1.06 and so on. Managers will also be able to trade their draft pick to any manager already in the league. The trade must be announced in the main chat, @myself (the commissioner) and then select the player or pick the other manager wants.

Again, if you are interested, please either send me your Sleeper name or a message through here and I can give the full bylaws of the league and the full list of players (minus the free agent pool already in the league).

Thank you,

Both spots are still open. Again, if interested, please send me the Sleeper name or email that I can send full league bylaws and player list too.

Thank you

This league is now full