$500 startup 10 team, empire on sleeper, leaguesafe

This is a 10 team super flex, TE premium empire league startup. The league is on Sleeper, we will use leaguesafe. Weekly payouts to every head to head win, end of year payouts to top 3, empire pot. Bylaws posted in comments

  1. League structure
    There are 10 teams in the league. $500 buy in.

We will not be using divisions. The playoffs will be based completely on points. The 5 highest scoring teams through week 14 will be seeds 1-5. The highest scoring team in week 15 will get the 6 seed.

There will be a head to head aspect though. Every week, if you win your head to head match, you win $30.

  1. Start up Draft
    A slow draft will take place on the sleeper app.
    The draft will be performed using snake drafts where the draft order is reversed each round.
    The draft order will be randomized once the league is full and prior to the draft starting. We will then do a derby style draft selection where the person that ends up 1st will pick where they want to pick, 2nd then picks, an so on.
    Trading picks is permitted and encouraged.
    We will be on the honor system to make your pick in a timely manner. We will not put a timer on anyone, just please make the pick in a timely manner, or at least inform the league of trades talks happening so we are aware what is going on.

There will be 2 separate start up drafts. A vets only, and then a rookie only. The person with pick 10 in the vet draft will get pick 1 in the rookie, 9 in vet 2 in rookie, and so on.

  1. Rosters and Lineups
    The starting line up is:
    1 QB
    2 RB
    3 WR
    1 TE
    3 Flex (RB,WR, TE)
    1 SuperFlex (QB, RB, WR, TE)
    19 Bench spots (0 IR spots)
    Once a players match has started he will then be locked into his place on the roster. The commissioner WILL NOT change the roster after kickoff.

  2. Scoring
    Our scoring system can be found on the sleeper app.
    To reduce the chance of there being a tie we will use decimal points.

  3. Trades
    You can include future draft picks in trades. Up to 2 years out. For each year you trade ahead, you owe half of that years entry fee (ex. Trade a 2023 pick, you owe $250 towards 2023 entry fee)
    It is possible for the owner proposing the trade to revoke the trade offer prior to it being accepted.
    Once the trade has been accepted, it will go through immediately. Commissioner will have the ability to reverse any trades he deems unfair or there is obvious collusion.
    A player cannot be traded if his game has started for the week.
    The dictionary definition of collusion is “secret agreement or cooperation especially for an illegal or deceitful purpose”. This is the definition we will use to decide whether collusion is being undertaken in the leagues.
    Collusion and cheating of any kind will not be tolerated in any league and will lead to the owner being removed from the league without a refund and the commissioner taking over their team.
    The trade deadline is the 12:00am est of week 12 (wed night/thu morn)

  4. Waivers
    Waiver is the process where players not associated with a team within the league is available to be picked up.
    These players can be picked up through blind bidding waivers or using the first come first serve system Sunday morning.
    Each player is allocated 1000 dollars to make offers for players. This money cannot be reimbursed or replaced during the season so make sure you are careful with it.
    The blind bidding operates using FAAB dollars to make an offer for a player. The player that makes the highest offer will get the player for $1 more than the 2nd highest bid (VICKERY BIDDING). In the circumstance where two players make the same offer then it goes to normal waiver wire rules with the higher waiver order being awarded the player.
    If a player is not picked up during the blind bidding waivers then you will have the opportunity to pick them up in the first come first served system Sunday morning. The advantage is that you do not have to use up your valuable FAAB dollars to pick up players.
    Following the draft the blind bidding waiver wire will not open until week 1 of the regular season. Waivers will lock following the regular season until week 1 of the following regular season.

  5. Playoffs
    The top 5 scoring teams after week 13 will be in the playoffs.
    Week 14 will be used as a “last chance for everyone” week. The highest scoring team NOT IN THE TOP 5 will make the playoffs as the 6th team.
    Tie breaker will be total points for season.
    Playoffs begin in week 15. It will be a 3 week
    Total points final. The highest scoring team in those 3 weeks will be league champion. 2nd highest will finish 2nd, and so on.

Teams who did not make the playoffs will have a mini playoff for their own picks. Teams 9 and 10 will playoff for picks 1 and 2, teams 7 and 8 will playoff for picks 3 and 4. Teams who made the playoffs will be reverse order of standings. This will be a 2 week matchup in weeks 15 and 16.

Picks will be allocated as follows…

  1. Winner of 9/10 standings match (2 week matchup, weeks 15 and 16)
  2. Loser of 9/10 standings match (2 week matchup, weeks 15 and 16)
  3. Winner of 7/8 standings match (2 week matchup, weeks 15 and 16)
  4. Loser of 7/8 standings match (2 week matchup, weeks 15 and 16)
  5. 6th place in playoff
  6. 5th place in playoff
  7. 4th place in playoff
  8. 3rd place in playoff
  9. 2nd place in playoff
  10. Champion

Payouts will be as follows…
1st $1000 2nd $650 3rd $500

Each team that wins a head to head matchup in weeks 1-14 will be awarded $30.

$750 a year will carry over in the Empire pot. This will be awarded when an owner wins 2 years in a row.
Payment deadline every year will be the Sunday of the NFL draft. Rookie draft picks will start to be taken away for each week past due (5th rounder (or latest pick owned by team) 1 week late, 4th rounder 2 weeks late, etc).

  1. Rookie Draft
    The rookie draft will be held following the “real” NFL rookie draft. This will be discussed with the league players to establish an ideal time.
    The draft will be a slow.
    It will be a 5 round ROOKIE ONLY draft.

Hey, hit me up if you decide to expand to a 12 man league.