.5ppr 12 team Dynasty Trade

Was offered a trade today:

Kyle Pitts
101 Rookie (Breece Hall)

My current roster

QB: D. Prescott

RB: A. Ekeler
J. Taylor
N. Harris
C. Patterson
K. Herbert

WR: J. Jefferson
J. Chase
DK Metcalf
DJ Moore
K. Toney
TE: K. Pitts
D. Knox

I won the league last year and would easily say I’m a top 3 team.


Keep Pitts. Im a buffalo fan (Go Bills!!!) but i dont think knox will repeat the same way and ive seen pitts getting a lot more in trade value.

How do you even have this team! LOL I wouldn’t even consider that trade. TE is so valuable and you could have the best one of the next decade in PITTS. You don’t need any help at RB. Breece could end up being great, and if you didn’t have EK, JT, and Najee maybe, but I wouldn’t entertain this idea with the squad you have!


Yeah… that was my thought too.

My team became my team due to trades. Had the 101, 102, 104 in last seasons rookie draft. Ending up being Harris, Pitts, and Chase. Also had someone trade me J. Jefferson for G. Kittle straight-up right before the draft. Then, during season I traded M. Thomas, M. Brown, M. Sanders, 2022 1st and 2022 2nd for J. Taylor, J. Jackson (Ekelers back-up) switching 2023 1sts and a 2023 2nd.

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