.5PPR i have M Gordon Fielding Trades

If i offer up Melvin Gordon for Devante Adams and Chubb. Is this worth it for me? I am 1-2, the team i would offer it to is 3-0


Im looking at a similar trade, MG for Devante Adams with the Ekeler owner.

Is it worth it for Chubb plus Adams? Ugh yeah lol

Doubt they take that. If they do more power to you. But you are basically trading even backs and getting a top 10 WR, don’t know why they would accept.

That’s what I’m saying lol

they offered me josh jacobs and tyler boyd. but this is his second trade to me for melvin, so i was wanting to see how much he is willing to pay for him.

No one is going to give you 2 top 10 players at their position. You need to lower your expectations. I doubt you could even get Adams or Chubb straight up for Gordon let alone both. With Gordon’s uncertainty who knows what his workload will be, I honestly think it will be much more of a split than last year with how good Ekeler has been. Jacobs and Boyd honestly isn’t a terrible trade for him, you might be able to do a little better but not a ton.


appreciate the info!!! thank you!