.5PPR Redraft Trade offer

So I would be sending Diggs away for B. Cooks and J. White.

Here’s my Squad (3-2) Record:

QB’s: Bortles/ Winston
RB’s: Gurley, Collins, K. Johnson, Brieda, Hines, Foreman
WR’s: Diggs, Davis, M. Jones, Cole, Kirk, Allison
TE: Gronk

Starters: 1QB/2RB/2WR/1FLX/1TE

Does this weaken my WR core too much for it to be worth it?

I’m unsure what rules apply in redraft league’s, but as far as trades go i think its great, its only a SLIGHT downgrade at WR (almost lateral TBH) plus you get a RB with a hot hand htat you could comfortably slide into your RB2 slot rn.

do ittt

Redraft is just a normal league that only last 1 season. @jtess72

FootClan I need ya!!!