.5ppr ROS would you rather Keneen or Kerryon?

I currently have RB: M. Gordon, McCafferey, Drake and Kerryon. WR: Watkins, Kupp, Sutton, Kirk and DJ Moore.

Adding Allen leaves me thin at RB, but is his upside worth it in ppr?

Keenan Allen. Easily. Is he on your waivers or something? If he is, that is astonishing.

He was offered to me in a trade for Kerryon straight up.

I’d do that. You may be thin at RB but you have plenty of talent there to keep you afloat after losing Kerryon. You could definitely use another solid WR, and LAC just past their bye week so there’s nothing to worry about there.

I accepted. Thanks.

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I agree with rest, accept.