.5PPR Startup Auction Advice

I’m drafting in an auction draft today and I feel totally unprepared as this is my first auction. I feel comfortable with knowing who/when to bid on, but as far as spending limits, knowing when to splurge or when to pass on a player is outside of my comfort zone. Any advice would be spectacular.

I’m auctioning for my first time tomorrow. Some tips I’ve heard and learned are:

Don’t be afraid to spend. Don’t overspend, but definitely spend. The money won’t do you any good when all good players are gone.

I’m planning on budgeting 45% RBs, 45% WRs, 10% QB/TE and those are big estimates. Def/K spend as little as physically possible. They aren’t worth more than bare minimum.

I’ve also heard to put players up for bid you don’t want. Also positions you’re locked and loaded on. Two ways to get your opponents to spend their money.

Hope this was helpful!