.5PPR Trade away Josh Jacobs or Aaron Jones and Kupp for Kamara?

14 Team .5PPR league, 2WR 2RB 2Flex where Im 3-0. Im being offered Kamara for Jacobs or Jones and Kupp. My team also has Amari, Gaskin, Marvin, Sammy, and Deebo.

So you have Cooper, Marvin Jones, and Watkins at starting WR with Deebo coming back. 3 wr league or just 2 and a flex? Who is your second RB?

2 WR; 2 RB; 2 Flex. My two starting running backs are Josh Jacobs and Aaron Jones and then I have Myles Gaskin

I’d likely take Kamara straight up for Jacobs. The saints have to run the ball through Kamara and his pass catching and general offense is superior to the raiders, not to mention when they get back Thomas. I’m assuming this person thinks they are selling high on Kamara and buying low on Jacobs but I’ll take the better offense and the supreme talent over Jacobs (Still love Jacobs). That gives you two backs that can put up 80+ points in any given week together. That also allows you to keep your additional flex value in Kupp/future trade value.

The guy is going to want Kupp along with Jacobs or Jones. Would you still make the trade with giving up Kupp as well?

No, sorry I read that as for Jacobs or for Jones and Kupp. No need, Jacobs is still a top 5 play weekly and Kupp is far better than anyone else you’d plug in on the waivers. Kamara’s 2tds per game is also unsustainable.

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