.5PPR Trade Carson/Golladay for Gaskin/Godwin?

I also have Aaron jones, corey davis, justin jefferson, darnell mooney, ronald jones, russell gage, gesicki on my team. This is a .5ppr 14 man league.

I would do this trade now lol.

I think Gaskin is going to be a top 12RB and Godwin is going to get more catches and TDs then Evans.

No issues with Carson, but Golladay concerns me.

All my opinions of course.

Good luck.

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I’ve been approached with two different offers. What’re your thoughts on trading Kyler/Gesicki/Gage for Brady/Waller or trading Kyler/Golladay/Gage for Wilson/Keenan Allen

I am biased with this response (just look at my avatar lol), but I would pick the Brady/Waller trade. Brady is getting 30pts tonight