5th Draft Pick -- Brown/Kamara/Barkley?

Drafting 5th in a 10-team redraft PPR league, no keepers. Based on mock drafts and rankings it looks like the most likely (best?) options at that spot would be A. Brown, S. Barkley, or A. Kamara.

I know the simple answer is you really can’t go wrong with any of them.

Who all would you take with the 5th?

I wouldn’t consider Kamara that high, mostly due to the comparative lack if volume. I’d understand AB, but for me, it’s Barkley. I want one of the 5 guys who are going to get 350 touches. Further, I significantly prefer the round 2 WRs to the round 2 RBs.

For example: Barkley and Allen/Adams/Thomas OR Brown and CMC?
Easy call for me.

I agree with you about wanting to get a stud RB early and getting a Round 2 WR to compliment. For some reason my gut was leaning Kamara, simply because of the monster year he had last year both in a timeshare AND not even getting a ton of work until Peterson was traded. Plus this year he’d have no major timeshare the first 4 weeks.

However I also believe Barkley is in line for a huge year too. I guess there’s just always the question of unknown when it comes to rookies, even one as bright as Barkley.

(Also, side note, maybe I’m just blanking right now, but who is DMV?)

Auto-corrected. CMC. I would get over the resistance to rookie RBs if I were you. There’s plenty of evidence that they work out about as consistently as anyone else.

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It’s Barkley and it’s not even close for me. While I generally caution folks when they get too giddy about a rookie, these generational guys (top 5 picks) tend to get the volume early. Even Trent Richardson - the biggest bust of em all in my opinion - managed 1300 total yards on 300 touches and had 12 total TDs in 15 games his rookie year.

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