5th Draft position question

So I have the 5th pick in this year’s draft and will be keeping Gurley for a second rounder. Due to the other keepers being out (DJ, Zeke, AB, Kelce, Kamara, MT, Lenny, Hopkins, McKinnon, Hunt, Ingram) chances are ill have the choice between Julio, OBJ and Melvin. Would it make sense to go Melvin and build WR from there with two stud RB or take WR? This is a 12 man PPR league. Thanks

lol who in the world is keeping kelce and ingram? you lucked out there for sure. if gordon makes it to you, YES. take him. i would be surprised if he does though. barkley, julio, OBJ, gordon… it sounds like he will fall one short of you.

I’m taking OBJ over Gordon. Other than that, if you’re lucky enough to have Gordon or OBJ fall to you, than take them.

Gordon + Gurley is about as safe of a floor as you can get.