5th overall Sony or penny

My pick is next. Sony and penny are both there. If both are. Which do you like better?

You have one guy that can’t pass block behind a terrible o-line and then Michel.

I’d take the fitness consigliere

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Fitness consigliere for me too. Sony!

Penny over michel

Touches matter more than a bad offensive line. Penny is the workhorse. Michel doesn’t have a defined role. Take Penny.

Melvin Gordon has a horrid YPC yet very relevant because of the touches he gets. Don’t over think it.

I agree with Penny. Are we REALLY going to trust the patriots now after all these years? Didn’t think so

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Sony has better value over the years and IMO a more talented back.

The last couple of years the Pats have invested next to nothing in the running backs on the roster, it’s no wonder that they’ve all been used the way that they have. I’m thinking Michel will get plenty of touches/opportunity in NE. I’d rather the guy on a top 3 offense.

Ended up going with Sony. I think Sony is the 2nd best rb from draft. Penny landing in Seattlr with no competition really made me really look into it. With NE spending a first on a RB though. That does look promising as well. Went with the original guy I liked a ton.


I’d say Penny