5th pick - 12 team full ppr

I have the 5th pick in my upcoming draft. Who should I take? Obviously one of the big 3 if they fall, but of the list below who do you feel most comfortable with?


Going through the same thing with the fifth pick, except in a 10 team half ppr league. Kamara and Cook were the obvious picks to me before the contract issues got reported (though Cook also comes with injury issues). Somehow now though I feel like CEH is safer, even though he is a rookie and KC has so many other weapons. Never was a fan of Henry in any ppr formats and think you have to go RB despite Thomas’s greatness.

I don’t think you would be bummed with any of those. If this is a 3 wr league I would lean towards Thomas.

I’d go with Thomas, but if you’re set on it being an RB (or if he should go at 4) then Henry.

I lean Thomas, not because I don’t like the potential for CEH, but remember Kareem Hunt? He set the world on FIRE the first couple weeks as a rookie, and then Andy Reid stopped using him for like 6-8 weeks and his numbers never recovered those early season highs. Andy Reid has been really weird with consistent running back usage since he left Philly and lost Jamal Charles. Whereas Drew Brees only has eyes for Michael Thomas.