5th pick, 12-team, half PPR (Cook or CEH)?

I’m going RB in round 1 so that I can have flexibility to pivot away from RB in Rounds 2-6 and take best available (typically top 2 TE in Rd 2, and possibly top 2 QB in Rd 3, but rarely both).

I’m consistently drafting Dalvin Cook at 1.05, but was interested in being talked into CEH in that spot.

What separates the two of them in your minds and/or is the best argument in favor of either?

Thanks in Advance!


There is still talk of Dalvin Cook holding out for his contract and he is still kind of an injury risk in my mind.

On the other hand, is there anything more fun than rooting for a rookie on an high powered offense?

I’m taking CEH.