5th Pick 14 team ppr

I have the 5th pick in my 14 team ppr league.

Assuming Bell, gurley johnson and zeke go top 4. Who ya got?

Brown, Barkley, Hunt, Gordon.

I think I like brown here but I love going rb heavy to start. If I did go brown first I have a long wait to get back to me and most of the rbs will be gone. I would have the 24th and 33rd pick where I would hope to get maybe 2 of these guys (howard, collins, royce freeman or lynch)

I would personally go RB first, especially in such a large league. I believe there’s better WR value in the 2nd and 3rd rounds than there is RB value.

Just my opinion.

I agree with the above comment. You can make up for lost value at the WR position later in the draft, that you just can’t do with RB. Barkley or Gordon.