5th Year into the league

What do y’all think?
I receive: Patrick Mahomes, Sterling Shepard and the 2.4 in our dynasty draft.
They receive: Chris Thompson and Jarvis Landry.
I’m not sure what Thompson will do this year as he is coming of an injury and with a rookie in the backfield. Jarvis is a head scratcher as he is on arguably one of the worst teams a player can be on. In real life and for fantasy purposes. Thanks in advance!

I like this trade for you.

Is this dynasty?

This is indeed dynasty.

Is this an offer sent to you? If so, I’d mash the accept button so hard!

If this is an offer you are sending, I would expect a big fat NO. Can you comment on why you put this offer together?

I am being offered this.

I’m really curious what other’s opinions on this offer are?

I would accept this trade and then as soon as it’s processed, completely ridicule the GM that sent it to you.

Shepard is only going to get better, I see him having a solid season. Mahomes has tons of upside with all those weapons, and a 2.4 never hurts.

Thompson is fragile and there are too many mouths to feed on the most cursed team in the NFL for Landry.