6-3 - Competitive Play-off Advice or Updgrades - HELP


Hope everyone is doing GREAT! Currently sitting in second in my 12 man, Full PPR league. I feel pretty good with my team (1st in PF). Obviously I want to win a FOOTCLAN title in this league (and the $$$$). Can you guys give me some advice on what I need or help for a play-off push?

QB - Wilson
RB - Barkley, Gordon, McCoy, Gallman, Murray, Mattison
WR - Lockett, Theilen, Woods, Fitz, Pascal, Beasley
TE - Hooper
D - SF
K - Prater

My thoughts:

  • Next week is going to hurt with Wilson and Lockett on BYE. I was thinking of streaming Allen or Darnold next week for QB (limited QBs : Trubisky, Allen, Finley, Darnold, Fitzpatick, Mayfield)
  • The uncertainty of Theilen is hurting my WR core. I’m thinking of trading Mattison for a WR upgrade, but with Cook’s history of injury is he worth to hold onto? What about Murray? Is he going to get enough work to be FLEX worthy? Gallman obviously is my handcuff
  • I have had a trade off: Murray for Sanu or Parker

Any advice or thoughts would be greatly helpful.