6 day trade waiting period!?

Need a QB, Allen on a bye. Traded for Lamar today. Our espn league has a 2 day review period. None of the players in the trade play on Thurs but the app says the trade won’t process until the 26th. Comish says she can’t help, so I’ve traded away 2 key pieces for a player I can’t play this week and won’t need after this week. Anyone else experienced the random 6 day wait from espn?

That’s bizarre. Maybe ask the commish if she will force the trade through after the two days. It is possible to do on ESPN. I’ve never heard of that before, but I did run into a situation proposing a trade this morning where it said it was not a valid trade for this week and wouldn’t let me propose it.

It wouldn’t hurt to have her cancel the trade too and you two run it back through to see if it will process, you still have 2 days.

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