6 Keeper draft startup strategy

I have a keeper league starting this year but its a little different

Its 1/2 PPR, 8 teams, 22 players per team
QB X1, RB X3, WR X3, TE X1, K X1, DEF X1, WR/RB/TE x2, Bench x10

We are allowing any 6 players as keepers without penalties.

Would you rank players based on dynasty rankings being able to keep 6 without round penalties?
or should I draft as if it were a standard league?

I will be drafting from 6th position

I think it depends on how long you can keep a player? If it’s a max of 1 or 2 times, I’d consider it redraft strategy because it’s win now. But if you can keep 6 players for unlimited seasons then some of those top young WRs become a bit more interesting.

I would say mock mock mock. At 6 your looking at Kamara, Barkley, Gordon. I’d consider Barkley knowing a stud WR would still fall at the turn. Obviously you take your guy, that’s what makes fantasy fun. But I personally wouldn’t take Thomas over OBJ or Hopkins. Knowing you need an advantage in an 8 team league because everyone is going to have a stacked team, I think I’d still fade QB and TE. You need to start 3 WR, 3RB, and 2 Flex. Those top 3 TE can put up WR numbers but they are ageing. I’m stocking up on WR and RB talent and hoping to get lucky on one of these younger TE (Njoku, Seal, Kittle). This is all just my opnion, I’m no expert. I’d be curious to hear other people’s input. Sounds like a fun and challenging league! Good Luck!

I know the guy at 1.01 is considering OBJ so can be a long term keeper, so i may have a couple extra RB options at 6.
Hmm maybe I could use standard rankings but early in draft use age as a tiebreaker between same tier options