6 keeper draft strategy advice

Just realised I should have out this question in here.

I have a keeper league starting this year but its a little different

Its 1/2 PPR, 8 teams, 22 players per team
QB X1, RB X3, WR X3, TE X1, K X1, DEF X1, WR/RB/TE x2, Bench x10

We are allowing any 6 players as keepers without penalties.

Would you rank players based on dynasty rankings being able to keep 6 without round penalties?
or should I draft as if it were a standard league?

I will be drafting from 6th position

How long can you keep a player?

There is no limit :grimacing:

I would rank players based on redraft rankings.

Would you use age as a tie breaker or just completely disregard age?

In general I would disregard age. Their might be situations where I use age, but it would come after team and opportunity.

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