6 Open Spots Redraft League $20 0.5 PPR

Rules are as follows: 12 Team. Roster QB(1), RB(2), WR(2), TE(1), RB/WR/TE (2), BN (7). Scoring is 0.5 PPR. All other scoring is Sleeper default. Platform is on Sleeper. Draft order is randomized. Draft is a slow draft. (That is the easiest to accommodate 12 people with busy lives) Draft timer is listed below. League payments are due by 9PM on on 8/15 via LeagueSafe. Payouts are as follows 1st - $180 2nd - $40 3rd - $20. $100 FAAB. Disbursements are made only via majority approval. If interested reply with your Sleeper ID.

8/21 - 9/2 9AM to 9PM CST STOPS from 9P to 9A CST

9/3 @ 9 AM CST Switches to 4 hours STOPS from 9PM to 9AM

9/4 @ 2 PM CST Switches to 2 Hour STOPS from 9PM to 9AM

9/5 @ 9AM CST Switches to 3 minutes STOPS from 9PM to 9AM


Any spots left?

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Sweet! Exactly the kind of format and price I was after (too many keeper leagues. Need me some redraft optimism).

Sleeper id: @chunkiwudchukluv


Interested, sleeper ID is @samtbaucom

I’m interested. Gratchman is my username on sleeper.

Sounds like fun. I’m game!
@okcthunder07 on Sleeper

I’m up if not full :slight_smile: @markmqller on Sleeper

Any room left? @Trappers

Sleeper ID @Mintun21 let me know if you still have room!

I want in if you have a opening still! Sleeper: dylansharpe

I’m interested if there are spots open - @coolhairlive on sleeper

Interested if spots still open. This is the format and cost im looking for! @bigred1580

Very interested if you still need one. Sleeper ID @frebergmd


Interested! MatteastNW on sleeper

Interested! Sleeper: @marissay

Interested, sleeper Id is acyrenne66

any spots left? sleeper id is mowens85