6 picks in round 1, help!

12 team Superflex, full PPR, w/ TE .5 premium.

I have the 1.01, 1.03, 1.04, 1.07. 1.11, and 1.12 rookie picks. which would be the best draft combo to go for?

Current starting roster: R. Tannehill, no starting RB’s x 2, AJ. Brown, Thielen, and Chark at WR. L. Thomas at TE and flex spot of Robby Anderson, and M. Jones.

Clearly I need another starting QB and two RB’s.

Should I go T. Law at 1.01, then presumably Ettienne and Javonte Williams with the 1.3 and 1.4 picks, then Pitts/D. Smith, or J. Chase at 1.07?

or should I pass on T.Law and get Harris at 1.1 and presumably Ettienne, Javonte Wiliams next?

Man tough spot to be in, am I right?

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Draft Lawrence 1.01
Trade either the 1.03 or 1.04 for a running back. Try and get CEH, Ekeler, Swift, Akers or someone in that range. May need to add a late first as well.
Use the one you didn’t trade and draft ETN or Pitts.
For the rest of the draft, take williams, Lance, Fields, Wilson or best WR available.

Don’t be afraid to trade picks. Rookie draft has tons of fantasy hype around it and everyone wants the shiny new player. Take a step back and compare current prospects in this draft from the last couple years. Lawrence is a stand out, Pitts is a monster, and there is ample WR talent. But when you look at RB, it’s actually kinda gross. Harris can make a good RB1 depending on where he goes. ETN and Williams, they aren’t quite as great. They aren’t as good as last year’s rookies. You would be smart to make some trades

Also, don’t be silly. Dont pass on Lawrence

I’ll be honest with you. THANK YOU!!

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No worries, I got you!

Another question for you…

Superflex, Dynasty w/ TE premium. Would you prefer to have

  1. T. Law, Watson, Herbert, and Goff at QB
    And A. Jones, Najee, Da. Johnson at RB


  1. T. Law, Watson, Goff at QB
    And Zeek, A. Jones, Najee, and Da. Johnson at RB?

Ultimately I’m being offered Herbert for Zeek and Schenault. I’m deep at WR.

I would take Herbert over Zeke. Not to hate on Zeke but his timeline as a starting RB is coming to it’s final years. Maybe even his final year this year. Pollard stepped up at the end of last year. I would expect a more shared back field or even a passing of the guard coming in the near future. Zeke is a solid trade piece though. His value is low but come week 3 or 4 someone is going to be itching for a RB and will pay up.

Herbert is gold right now in superflex. Young and showed he can put up real points this last year. if Watson is out, you will be sorry you didn’t keep Herbert, but if he plays, being QB rich is a nice place to be. Goff is an excellent trade piece if you’re making that championship run or playoff push.

If you feel desperate to add at RB, look to the waivers. Every year, there is always a RB that shows up i.e. James Robinson.

I would say take the trade

Perfect. I took the deal. Same reasons you said. I think Zeek bounces back this year but he’s older and at best doesn’t have many years left.

So with 1.01 and 1.02, my thoughts are T.Law and Harris. I’ll work to trade Goff or hold until someone is in desperate need. Sound about right?

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Sounds like a solid plan