6 Point Passing TD

What do you guys think about 6 point passing TD’s? Pros/Cons? I’m trying to offset the rushing QB value to be more proportionate. Any feed back would be great!

i like them, just cause the scoreboard looks better. but it doesn’t effect the game much at all unless youre in a multiple QB league. the pool of players to choose from for QBs doesnt change, so the value of QBs stays the same. doesnt really effect running RBs that much either.

here’s an article that explains it and i recommend ithttp://www.nfl.com/fantasyfootball/story/0ap3000000809244/article/reviving-the-true-value-of-the-fantasy-football-qb

I personally like the 6Pt Passing TD. Don’t think there should be a bonus for a QB who rushes for a TD vs one that passes for it. I like to mirror fantasy scoring set-up to in game success. The only caveat is, I think you should also use a -4pt for INT to correspond. Otherwise, all it does is inflate scores and changes nothing.

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How big of a difference do you notice in the 6/-4 scoring as opposed to the factory default? It sounds like a good way to create a little separation with the QB’s.

Good read on the nfl.com article.

Its a huge difference. If you’re just using a 6/1 or 6/2 format, there still isn’t really much of a discrepancy between the elite class of Rodgers vs like a Winston for example. They can both toss a bunch of TDs and put up the yards. But if you add the -4 INT, thats when the gap really widens between someone like rodgers who can throw 35-40 TDs every year but always only puts up single digits picks versus Winston who has the yards and has the potential of tossing up 30TDs but it’s going to come with 15 INTs or so. And that’s with a pretty good QB in Winston. But if you compare it with the lower tier QBs, the differential is even bigger so you’re talking anywhere in the range of an additional 2-4 points per game differential.

I will say however that the superflex format is still the best way. When you combo that with this scoring format, that’s when QB value truly gets reflected and guys like Rodgers go in the 1st round, which is how it should be imo.