6 point per passing TD vs 4 point

Pros and cons?

Play in both, it definitely drive the QB value way up with the 6-pt system. Without question the QB’s will be the top 10 scorers in the league generally in that case. With the 4 point system, there is much more balance overall across positions and you won’t get blown out because Rodgers threw 5tds in a game against you. That always sucks to see happen to you.

The 4 point system adds value to QBs who get rushing TDs. When Cam Newton can still get 5 to 10 6 pt [rushing] TDs it boosts his value. This is why I prefer 6 pt passing TDs so all QBs are on equal ground


There really isn’t as big a difference as some may think since all QBs are subjected to the same scoring system. 6 point favors the high end TD pass producers a bit more like Rodgers, Luck, Brees etc. 4 point favors rushing QBs like Wilson, Mariota, Cam etc. I personally prefer 6 point.


Yeah, while it APPEARS to push QBs higher, it doesn’t really because it pushes the entire position up and doesn’t change the positional gap at all. I love 6 point scoring because in 4 point leagues you have guys like Tyrod Taylor (who isn’t a very good real life QB if we are honest) being a top 12 QB because his rushing TDs are arbitrarily worth more than his passing TDs.


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I tend to disagree with you. There truly is not much difference between the two. Yes quarterbacks score more points but all quarterbacks do. Quarterback is an overvalued position, so I prefer to play in 6 point leagues simply because people reach for quarterbacks in those leagues thinking they’re getting better value, allowing me to take advantage of the misconception and end up with the best team in the league. Take advantage of your knowledge, play in 6 point leagues, talk about how important the position is and don’t take one til round 10-12. Then come thank me for your championship trophy

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All points are fair, you just have to evaluate your system and roster set-up and value individual players just the same. For perspective, it definitely puts more emphasis on passing TD’s at the position. A high TD thrower like Brees or Rodgers will separate themselves more from mid-tier guys just based on the scoring system and generally them having more yards as well. Doesn’t mean you have to draft them early, just more of a relative position to position comparison was all I was trying to make there. It can make a difference if you are looking for a stable guy and want to pay a bit more for them, but agree you don’t have to make them your only priority in the league.

I see what you’re saying, but I still disagree because I don’t believe you should ever pay a little more for a “stable guy” regardless of 4 pt vs 6 pt. You have to remember that we play week to week. So let’s say Aaron Rodgers finishes QB1 and Andy Dalton finishes QB12. I’m seeing Aaron Rodgers is going rounds 2-4 and Dalton is going round 12-undrafted. Let’s use pretty standard TD totals, Rodgers finishes with 40 touchdowns and Dalton finishes with 28. Rodgers threw 12 more, we’ll multiply by 2 to account for the 6-4 difference, Rodgers would have scored 24 more points over Dalton in a 6 pt League over a 4 point league. Fantasy season is 16 weeks so it averages to 1.33 more points scored than Dalton. It doesn’t really make a worthwhile difference

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Totally agree, not generally my strategy in the draft, but know others feel that way.

With our league scoring in general it’s a bit tougher to value stats, based on the fact that bonus play scoring can be pretty significant:

6pt Passing/Rushing TD
300-399 YD Passing = +3 bonus points
400+ YD Passing = +5 bonus points
40+YD TD Pass = +3 bonus points
50+YD TD Pass = +4 bonus points

The difference in TD points may not be significant, but across the full year some of the rushing QB’s that don’t throw for big yards can fall quite far behind other high volume passing QB’s.

Still hold out for value, but it’s not uncommon for the top QB for the week to put up 30+ points, in one case last year Brees had a 50point game for me. Picked him in the 6th round as QB6, which seemed undervalued at the time. Previous years I’ve held out for the likes of Eli, Dalton, etc. just depends on how the roster is coming together.

Once you introduce yardage bonuses that changes the discussion and goes strictly to league specific circumstances. But my point still holds, 6 pt passing TDs doesn’t make QBs more valuable, not even in your league. The bonuses is what changes quarterback value system

I play in both and here’s what I think about it:

  • In 6pt leagues I think rushing QBs get undervalued. People seem to discount them because their rushing TDs aren’t as valuable, but the rushing YARDS are still key. I mean this more for QBs that still get a lot of yards/TDs in the air, but also get some yards on the ground. Guys like Tyrod def are downgraded here, but Wilson is still the same guy IMO.
  • In general QBs get drafted earlier in these types of leagues which is awesome if you are a QB value late person. A rising tide lifts all boats and all QBs score more in these formats not just the top guys. I would be more apt to grab one of the top top guys in this format (Rodger, Brady) but if they go to early I’m still waiting crazy deep and grabbing a late QB.
  • In general I like 4 pt league better

Always felt 4 kept the league balanced. Otherwise top qbs teams just run away with it

Are TD’s scored differently on the field? No. So, 6 point TD is the only way to do it.

I’ve been playing Fantasy Football since 1990 and I have to say 4pts for a QB TD is idiotic, it’s not even in sync with today’s NFL–which is now a QB passing league. Why would you want the QB equal value to a single running back? It’s not that way in the NFL. In answer to the original poster’s point, the difference between 4pt vs 6pt is approximately 20-25% (I got that number from my league’s stats). Even with 6pts for a QB TD the RB position still garners more points than the QB position (because there’s two RBs).