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6 point/TD QB Draft Strategy


Hey Clan,

I’m in a league with some friends that is 6 points for QB touchdowns… gives them slightly more value, and a lot of people (I think) start overdrafting QBs because of the way they can carry a team in this format.

I’ve always almost ignored the extra 2 points and waited til the late rounds to get a QB - because there is still no real dropoff in points like there is at RB. Is this still the way to go? I understand why the top tier QBs are super valuable, but I think your roster is still better with good depth at RB and WR…


I play in a 6 pt TD league and a 4 pt TD league (among a bunch of leagues). The ONLY difference is in how you value the QBs in comparison to the other QBs. So if running TDs don’t have extra value, those QBs might go down a bit.