6 PT Passing TDs... Mahomes?

So I’m drafting first overall in a league that awards passing TD’s 6 points, and offers a big game AND big play bonus…

I have the first overall pick… and I just feel like this format offers Mahomes owners and unfair advantage… am I crazy?

I’d still go Barkley. Offers a ton of big plays throughout the season and you can still get an elite QB in later rounds

I did take Barkley but I didn’t hesitate to take Mahomes with the first pick in the third round hahaha the only two guys who project over 400 points on my roster. I’ll take it

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Mahomes and Barkley !! You should be near the Top of your League this year … who did you take with your 2nd???

Mike Evans - We’re into Round 7 right now and I’m rocking

A. Jones
DJ Moore

You’re looking pretty set already

been a weird draft - added Latavius Murray and Miles Sanders to my bench thinking I should grab one more back (shooort bench means lots of waiver adds) and Darrell Henderson is looking like an interesting gamble late.