6 pt TD vs 4 pt TD

Heard the ballers talk a little about QBs in these leagues. Mainly saying rushing QBs lose some of their value (Lamar Jackson, Josh Allen). But does the point differential change the way you would approach drafting a QB? Currently I am ignoring QB until about round 9 or later when mocking 4 pt TD leagues.

Nope. The points stay the same for all QB’s. Doesn’t change the fact that you can take a later QB that can throw 30+ TD’s like a Philip Rivers or Big Ben

I’m curious about why they’d say that rushing QBs would lose their value either way. I’m with @buckeye02 in that the points stay the same for all QBs.

Let’s take a QB throwing for 250yds and 2tds.

  • In 4pt that’d be 14pts
  • In 6pt that’d be 18pts

Over the course of the year I agree it looks like a big difference between the guys that throw 20 TDs vs the guys that throw 30 TDs. You’re basically asking a rushing QB who throws 20 TDs to rush for 500yds + a few TDs to make up for the difference in those 10 TDs.

But I still think any rushing value is still a game changer week to week.

In season long I believe they were referring to guys like Jackson and Allen who won’t throw a ton of TDs becoming less valuable than a guy like Jameis who will throw more TDs but won’t accumulate the rush yards

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