6 Spots Left! 12 man superflex $100

Starting a 12 team dynasty superflex, tight end premium league.

  1. no kickers or defense!
  2. must be active and committed to a multiyear league. No going all in trading away picks for players to win then digging out.
  3. the subtraction of the kicker and defense will mean an additional receiver a super flex So get ready for some crazy scores!
  4. be active and knowledgeable, smack talking is acceptable but no rascist or other taboo comments allowed!
  5. payments will need to be made before the draft on league safe
  6. payouts will be, the team that posts the high score in a single week will get $150, team with the player that has the highest score in a given week will get $150 dollars at seasons end, team with the highest points for total at years end gets $150. Leaving 1st place winner with an $850 pot and second place gets $500

Message JRMIII on sleeper if interested

Keen! Message sent in sleeper

I am yet to receive it but am excited to have you on board

Sent message on sleeper from jks1624

Ok thank you. Will check