6 spots left in a very competative 10 team dynasty league

Looking for some very dedicated owners to participate in a dynasty league that will last for many years.

If you are interested, respond with your email and I will invite you.

The website is called fleaflicker, it does not accept money so it will be a free league

Any spots left?

yes there are, give me your email and ill send you an invite!


I sent an invite

Thank you, looking forward to playing with some active players that know what they’re doing.

So am I, an email draft will start ass soon as the league fills up

How many more people are you looking for, I may know a guy

five or six more people, if you know a guy that would be fantastic

He’s in, and he’s a consistent listener of the podcast.


Great I sent him an invite

Awesome, he said when he gets home from work, he’ll sign up

Sounds good

would love to join if there is still room, brobtat@yahoo.com

I sent an invite to ya!

Hey would love to join email me at jacob056@outlook.com

I sent an Invite!

id like to join. jeffnorbom@outlook.com

Great ill send an invite

I might just not be seeing it or I just be stupid but I’m not seeing the invite where would I find it on fleaflicker