6 spots left in a very competative 10 team dynasty league

Never mind your email went to my junk mail for some reason

Hey, I’m the guy Ares mentioned. Thanks for the invite. I’m excited to finally play in a dynasty without having to be the commissioner. I look forward to destroying all of you.

And for the record… I INTRODUCED Ares to the Footballers :wink:

Oh, also… I was looking through scoring and saw kickers and defenses, but when I looked at the rosters it looks like they aren’t included. I might have misread it, but I wanted to give you the heads up.

I have to re-familiarize myself with Defenses. I’ve grown use to playing with Individual Defensive Players.

1 spot to fill!! almost there…

Will the rookies be mixed into the start-up draft or separate? I recommend separate. Let whoever picks last in the start-up draft pick 1st in the rookie draft. Just my two cents.

I agree, reverse draft order for a separate rookie draft would be a good idea.

Unfortunately I do not know how to separate the rookies. Would anyone else by chance know how to do this?

Also, I’m sorry I had to wait so long to respond but I just made this account today and they limit the number of times you can respond

I’ve been researching it and it looks like Fleaflicker does not support two drafts during the start up phase, but there’s a work around if you choose to do the work. We basically do a normal draft, but we all dodge rookies. Then we do a separate rookie draft off-line (email or over text or something like that) and you later import those picks into each team.

If we are planning 4 rounds of a rookie draft (random number… I don’t know what your plan is), I think you’ll have to lessen the roster limit by 4 for the main draft. And then before you import the rookie draft results, you then add those 4 roster spots back so there’s room to put them in.

The only question I’m uncertain of is how that affects taxi squad. I’d assume we’d all have complete rosters filled after both drafts with 0 taxi squad spots filled. We could all then be free to move rookies to the taxi squad ourselves and start filling the void on our rosters left over through the waiver wire.

The only downfall to this is that each player’s history won’t show which round/order the rookies were drafted, only the year they were imported and to which team they were imported to. That’s fine with me though.

I would be alright with doing that if I could get confirmation from every player that they know what the plan is

It works for me!

Great! I know both amidge and suhperbteam and they both will be ok with not taking rookies. Once we get a response from the other five members we should be good to go.

Any chance this will be a paid league eventually?

I’m not really sure, possibly in the future

Is the league full?

yes, the league is currently full but ill let you know if a spot opens up