6 top 30 RBs - Need to Trade Away - Help

I’m looking to trade away 1 or 2 RBs (preferabley 2) for a consistent WR2/high end WR3.

Obviously it depends on a teams needs, but who are targets based on my RBS I could trade?

Ive got:

D Lewis


With the news that came out last night, I would trade Conner ASAP. Bell will be back with STEELERS week 8.

It’s a smart league Im in so I doubt I’ll get much since people are aware of Bell’s news.

Main question here is who are some buy low WR2/3 that I could get with a Lynch/Bredia/Lewis type player/ package.

JuJu for Bredia / Lewis?

That owner needs RB help

Yeah it’s worth a shot

I’d hit up the Bell owner first and ditch Conner (maybe keep him vs. Atl this weekend) for somebody they have in that tier.

Good Wavier WR2/3’s this week: Keke Coutee, Taywan Taylor, Sanu