$60 10 team Dynasty start up for beginners

Message me if you’re interested in joining a long term dynasty league. I do fantasy football every year but I’m not very die hard… I feel like it would be a better experience being able to keep the same team from year to year so I’ve decided to start up my own dynasty league.
To begin, I will set it up as close to the Fantasy Footballers settings as I can & I would like to put some of the options to a vote once we fill the league so that everyone is included in setting up the core rules. The only things I’m pretty set on, but am still willing to be flexible on if majority disagrees, are as follows:
•10 teams
•.5 ppr
•.1 ppc
•6 point TDs
•FAAB dollars for waiver wire
•allow trading of draft picks
•no kicker
•no d/st

Sleeper: WhirledPeas