6th pick 1/2 PPR 10 Team Redraft

I’m sitting at the 6th pick for our draft and more thank likely I will have to choose between DJ,Bell,Hopkins or Adams… I feel as if I should take the reliable picks or Hopkins or Adams but when the 2nd rolls around I won’t have a top tier RB and that never feels good lol. So what would you all do? Go the RB route or take the one of the Top 2 WRs. Now this would all change if Gordon comes back but for right now I’m mocking as if he isn’t.

I’d go DJ here. I just really like his ceiling this year and he was able to put up decent numbers last season with a terrible offense. The offense should be better, so his stats should be better too.

If DJ is off the board then I’d go Adams/Nuk over Bell.

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I think you can take the top WR and still end up with good RBs. You can probably get Freeman and Carson and Michel in the next 3 picks.