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6th Pick overall 10 Team FULL PPR (Top 3 picks)


Pick 6- L.McCoy
Pick 15- D.Murray
Pick 26- T.Kelce



You were good until Kelce.


I think I would have to agree with HarpersDad. Unless it’s Gronk I wouldn’t feel good about taking a TE, even Jordan Reed or Kelce, before the 4th round. Spend that spot on a quality WR. Just my thoughts…


Only thing that pushes me in that direction is the potential at WR. There is so much to choose from all the way up to about the 6th round. Receivers this year in my eye are right along the line of qb. Plenty of value in late round. The same doesn’t apply for RB or TE. Get the good ones in that position while you can cuz at the end you’re gonna be out of luck. I was thinking of taking kelce in the 4th.