6th Round Keeper

This is a 12 team, full PPR, league. Would you rather keep Corey Davis or Sammy Watkins?

I’d keep Corey Davis, more opportunities over Watkins. Davis is poised to breakout this season.

We are forecasting a higher ceiling for Davis, but looking at Watkins as the safer of the two.

Definitely a higher ceiling in Tennessee for Davis. Could be the WR1 on that roster this year. Seems like injuries and slump is behind him. Is there any round restrictions in your draft depending on who you select?

I am a corey davis truther and a sammy watkins truther. This is a pretty close one for me. Would probably have to go Watkins though. Just thinking about it, i’d probably draft watkins before I draft davis. If it was dynasty, would be davis for sure. But I think Davis still might need another year to produce. Also Watkins has already shown he is a WR1 and he’s finally healthy and in an offense that is designed for him.

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