7-10 draft pick strategy

In my mock drafts (10 team standard) at picks 7-10 Ive found myself taking connor and chubb with my first two picks and then going with thielen and cooks/woods, with my next two picks. Is this a good strategy or would i be reaching too high on chubb and connor?

I think your reaching alittle bit to much to go RB RB… At that end of the draft I usually either go stud WR stud WR… Or WR RB…

So maybe hopkins and Conner.

But that’s just me…

Yeah at 7-10 at a minimum I get a WR and RB
Most times especially at 9 and 10 I end up going WR/WR. It seems to work out better

I also go 3 straight RBs after that avoiding stud TE(Ertz) and QBs (Watson ) along the way