7 player Keeper?

7 keeper legue I’m keeping aj brown, Mike evans, Justin Jefferson, Jonathon Taylor and Josh Allen. Need help on my other two its single qb 3wr and 2 rb one flex

My apology this one is my 5 keeper, keeping hill,henrey, gibson… thinking Murry and kupp or Murry and jacobs as other two or do I let that slide and leave out Murry same platform as other. Attached is proper team for prev quistion

You might want to keep your team name on the downlow. I got censored for mentioning that team name somewhere–can’t remember if it was this board or not, though.

I can’t see that either of those teams match the names you’re throwing out, so I dunno what you’re talking about. I don’t see any Gibson or Jefferson or Murray or Josh Allen or Jonathan Taylor on either team, so it’s kind of hard to understand what you’re asking.

My apologies its hard on the phone, I selected the previous years on accident

As your punishment, Axe Elf will not answer your question.

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