$75 12 Team Start-Up Dynasty League (FULL)

Using Ballers Preferred scoring with a little twist…0.25 points per carry. $75 buy in on Leaguesafe and league is on ESPN. Let me know if you’re interested!

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I’d love to join. hopkinsdrums@gmail.com

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Im down pedrovelazquez31@gmail.com

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Invite sent! Here’s the leaguesafe link: https://www.leaguesafe.com/join/3868411

Interested, Kari. Mivermilion@gmail.com
Sent you message directly as well. Send invite and i’ll make league safe payment. Thanks!

I am super interested tehkillerb@gmail.com

Awesome! Sent your invite to the league. Here is the leaguesafe link: https://www.leaguesafe.com/join/3868411

Sounds good, man! Here’s the leaguesafe link: https://www.leaguesafe.com/join/3868411 I went ahead and sent you an invite to the league as well

I’m interested! designbyadam@gmail.com

Awesome! Just sent you the invite. The leaguesafe link is in some of the messages above.

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Hey Brandon, just want to make sure I had your e-mail right…it is tehkillerb@gmail.com right? I wasn’t sure if there was a typo and it should be thekillerb@gmail.com.

Thanks man!

You got it right!

I won’t have dues for another week. I just moved so funds are tight, but I’ll get an Uber deposit Wednesday and take care of it then.

No worries man! I understand totally.

Hey, im interested if you still need one lmk. My email is will_pinho@aol.com

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Sent the invite! I also invited you to the slack channel we will be using for communications. If you could join there, that would be awesome. It will make discussing the league much easier.

Did you get the invite? Just wanted to make sure. Once you sign up on ESPN, I can set the draft order and we can determine a date for the fast draft.

yes sorry i was not near my computer for the rest of the day
i will join right now.

Hey Clayton! You’ve got first pick in our draft! Once we get you into Slack and ClickyDraft, we can get the draft started. You can join our slack channels here: https://join.slack.com/t/footballiscoming/shared_invite/enQtNDA5MjU4ODc5MDQxLTE2NGIxNmU3YjI1MjBlZjQyMWE5YjRkYjAyY2U4ZjRlNDA4MDMyMTZmMjZjYzI3OWFjZTBmYTMwNzVlNjMwNDg

and you can join ClickyDraft here: https://clickydraft.com/draftapp/join?key=e7d820ae1e5f4b6f8bc1d27fa778228b

People are anxious to get started so if you could join as soon as possible that would be awesome!



I’m trying to join the Slack channel, but it says the invite is inactive. Could you try to send it again please?

Clayton Hopkins

(501) 626-9270