[75% Filled] 84-Team Dynasty League

This is going to fill up quickly so don’t miss out.
-84-College Themed Teams
-7 Conferences (Power 5, MWC + Independents)
-SuperFlex, Staggered PPR, Auction Draft.
-The College Football Championships.
-Fill out the form below to request your college. (Bylaws are included in Form.)

Spots are flying off the board!
Choose your favorite college football team and lead them to the dynasty championship you’ve always dreamed of!

Michigan, Ohio State, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Miami, Louisville, Nevada, Troy, LSU, Kentucky…all off the board!

Still filling this over the weekend! Texas, Florida, TCU and Iowa all selected this morning! Lots to choose from still!

Alabama, NDSU, Clemson, Penn State, MSU all off the board this morning! Join us!

Minnesota, Purdue, Notre Dame and more being selected tonight! Come join one of the best dynasty startups of the year! Lots of teams yet to be claimed!

Georgia, Auburn, Stanford and Colorado all selected last night. Still plenty of Pac-12, SEC, Big 12 and MWC teams available!

1 Team left in the SEC. ACC and Big 12 are filling up quickly. Still some great teams available! Message me or fill out the form in the link above!

Texas Tech, Iowa State and Syracuse all selected this morning.

65% filled. Oklahoma State, NC State, Mississippi St all taken last night.

Kansas, Hawaii, Arizona State all selected last night. We are filling up fast. Don’t miss out on the best dynasty league of 2020.

Miss. St.
Boise State
Duke all selected today. We are getting closer to filling this league. Jump in!

Hawaii, Northern Illinois, Houston, Cal and Virginia all being selected tonight. 25 spots left. Don’t miss out on the best league of 2020.

20 spots available in this league! Teams are going fast! DM me for the available teams or follow the google form!