7th Pick - 12 team Standard Scoring Redraft League

At the 7th pick would you go WR and take Hopkins? Or, would you go James Connor or maybe even Nick Chubb?

Im in the same situation but with .5 ppr. Im talking Hopkins over Connor. I feel much better using my 1st round pick on a stud like Hopkins. You can always get better RB value in the 2nd and 3rd round

Yeah. Seems like a good plan. Would you then wait on an RB until round 3? I tried a mock with that strategy and my WRs were awesome but my RBs not so much. But, if you take an RB in round two your looking at Devonta Freeman or maybe Chris Carson being your RB 1. Bottom line, drafting 7 kinda stinks.

For me it all depends. If there is a tier 2 WR I may take that play other wise you are most likely looking at over paying for K Johnson or getting D Williams. For example I did a mock where I got Hopkins, K Johnson and Freeman with my first 3 picks. I could live with that

Yes you gotta go with Dhops