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7th pick help


Who are you guys targeting with the 7th overall pick standard 12 team league. Im thinking Mccoy since its standard, but who do you target 2nd round. or if you have a different strategy for the first two rounds what are they? id love to hear them!


I would have a backup for McCoy as he very well may go before the 7 spot. Not always but it def can happen. 2nd round I would look to lock up RB is Murray or Howard unless for some reason Nelson or Michael Thomas falls. Even then I think I would prefer the RB


do you have murray over ajayi? Im just assuming Big 3 RBs are gone and Big 3 WRs are gone as well, if one falls i will take any of the 6 over mccoy.


I do, as much as I love Jay being a Dolphins fan, I just think Tenn O Line is much better and he is a better pass catcher so far. Ajayi can catch the ball, but so far hasn’t been asked to. I do think at the end of the year they will be close though so if you like Ajayi by all means take him.


so if i go RB/RB in the first two rounds. Which WR would you be okay with taking in the third, ive seen my self taking sammy watkins a lot recently


or would you go Terrell Pryor


If you went RB/RB I’d be looking at someone like Terrell Pryor in the 3rd… maybe Demariyus Thomas or someone who should put up consistent numbers week to week.


I would go Thomas in a heartbeat. I would go Pryor before Watkins as well.