8 player Trade offer; Should I accept?

Trade: I was just offered this trade: My James White, Christian Kirk , Vance McDonald, and Mitch Trubisky for his Aaron Jones, Courtland Sutton, Evan Engram, and Andy Dalton. 16 team PPR, my team: Kyler Murray, Hopkins, Cooks, Fournette, Kirk, John Brown, McDonald, BENCH: Trequan Smith, Jamaal Williams, Ryqand Armstead, Gerald Everett, Trubisky. Should I accept? Thanks in advance!!

That’s tough. I think I’d hold fast with what you have considering it’s PPR. Aaron Jones and Evan Engram are tempting, but losing Kirk means your thin we crew takes another hit.


Thanks. I am thinking I need to get another WR (like Trey Quinn, Trent Taylor, or Willie Snead) via waivers and drop Everett. Doing that change anyway… would that change thinking on trade?

I agree with jag

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I think you accept this trade without a doubt, you’re receiving the 2 best players in the trade in Jones and Engram. To pair with Hop Cooks and Fournette, I can’t imagine many teams in a 16 man league have that kinda early round talent


I’m accepting this trade. Like shaun said you’re receiving the 2 best players you can worry about depth later on the waiver wire

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I would accept it, you have the best WR and another very solid one. Plus you do get Sutton back who isn’t awful. You also get a RB2 and what most likely is a top 5 TE. Losing Kirk hurts, but your top end guys are really good.

He upgraded his offer slightly, now offering Aaron Jones, Evan Engram, Robby Anderson, and Dalton for White, McDonald, Kirk and Trubisky. Does that improve it enough?

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I’d take that for sure.

With Anderson now, that’s an easy Accept

I’d take that in a heartbeat. Aaron jones is a 3rd rounder while none of your guys are early round people

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I’d accept this. Like others have said Jones & Engram are the two surest things in this trade. Sure, I think Kirk should be valuable at some point, but for all intents & purposes he’s all potential right now. Which is what can be said for Sutton right now. You upgrade at RB & TE, which is big especially in a 16 team league where building depth is gonna be a challenge.

LOL, the owner must really want Trubisky and Kirk. He is now offering Jones, Engram, Taylor Gabriel or Mo Sanu, and MATT RYAN for my James White, Christian Kirk, Vance McDonald, and Trubisky. I want to get a bit more as WR (ask for Robby Anderson, settle for Courtland Sutton).

Thoughts now?

I accept that trade without hesitations

I countered with Sutton in place of Mo Sanu. He accepted. Now just have to hope the Commissioner doesn’t reject it. But despite what it seems maybe Kirk is the next Julio Jones, and Trubisky plays as well or better than he did the last part of 2018. And McDonald could have the huge jump and be Gronk 2. My new lineup: Matt Ryan, DeAndre Hopkins, Brandin Cooks, Leonard Fournette, Aaron Jones, Evan Engram, Courtney Sutton, John Brown and my bench: Tre’quan Smith, Jamaal Williams (Jones cuff), Ryquan Armstead (Fournette cuff), Brian Hill (maybe Freeman’s cuff), Gerald Everett, and Kyler Murray.

Update, league commissioner vetoed saying it was so lopsided. Said it bordered on collusion. Half the owners contacted him to complain. and told him to veto.

@Nomad1600 Last year my league went through something like this. If I were you, I would plead my case with the commish based solely on the fact that everyone values players differently. Just because he and some others don’t think that was fair. The guy offering it, obviously, saw it as fair or worth it because he got the guys he wanted.

James White is a PPR MACHINE
Kirk has HUGE potential
Vance could be the next Kittle
and Trubisky… well, I don’t like him much. But a lot of people do. Apparently this guy.

Jones - I am a Pack fan, but He could have hammy issues all year and our new HC could do what he did at TEN and use J. Will way too much and hurt Jones’ value.

Even Engram- Sounds great but has risk. He seems to be hurt a lot and has Eli Manning… Not to mention he will get the most attention after Sasquach on D.

Courtland Sutton - Has the ELITE Joe Flaco. Nuff said about risk.

Matt Ryan - he is great. Could have a down year… But you are giving up your only proven starter at QB. Even though I think Kyler will be top 12 with that rushing.

Personally, I would try to have a good civil discussion and bring these things to his attention. EVERYONE values people differently. If two people come to the decision, don’t vote. Just push it through. This isn’t lopsided enough for me to consider this collusion.

Out of curiosity what did this make HIS team look like?

A league that vetoes trades b/c people complain is not a league I’d enjoy being in. This is for sure a lopsided trade, but not veto worthy.

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Here’s his roster (without the trade going through). This AM he dropped Andy Dalton to add Chris Conley, then dropped Conley to add DJ Chark, and also dropped Taylor Gabriel to get Deon Cain. So he obviously is a pretty active owner. Also seems he wanted to improve his WR and/or Flex with a WR.

QB: Matt Ryan Atl
WR: Robert Woods LAR
WR Robby Anderson NYJ
RB Christian McCaffrey Car
RB Aaron Jones GB
TE Evan Engram NYG
W/R/T Jordan Howard Phi
W/R/T Courtland Sutton Den
BN Michael Gallup Dal - WR
BN Nyheim Hines Ind - RB
BN Darren Waller Oak - TE
BN Mohamed Sanu Atl - WR
BN Deon Cain Ind - WR
BN D.J. Chark Jr. Jax - WR